Win 500 ADA and Decentralize Cardano

We are a new stake pool run by information security veterans and blockchain enthusiasts who are passionate about keeping the Cardano ecosystem decentralized and stable. We have 150K in stake and are looking to increase our delegator count by giving away 500 ADA on our first block. Here's how it works:

  • The more you stake, the better your chances are for winning. We will use the winning block number as a seed to randomly select a delegator weighted with the stake amount. The method will be documented and published on our github page here

  • We will send 500 ADA plus 10 GIV coins to the winner. GIV coins will be used in the future for services we are going to bring to the Cardano community.

  • If your previous stake pool was not a single pool SPO, we'll throw in an extra 50 ADA.

Remember: ​Your stake needs to be ACTIVE when we produce our first block, which means you need to stake two epochs before the block is produced.